What are Age Spots?

Age spots (solar lentigines; also called “liver spots”) are characterized by gray, tan, brown, or dark brown flat spots on the skin. They can be all shapes and sizes, and typically develop on areas that are most exposed to the sun, such as the face, hands, arms, and chest. Although sun exposure is the most common cause, these spots can also be caused by smoking and hormonal fluctuations.

Age spots are extremely common in individuals 50 and older — hence the name — but younger people can develop them as well. At Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer a variety of non-surgical options for treating age spots including chemical peels, topicals, and laser treatment.

Topical Treatment

Some patients with less severe age spots can treat the problem with a topical treatment that only addresses the superficial skin. Topical treatments for age spots typically work by disrupting the melanin formation that causes them to develop, but each product is different. During your consultation with Dr. Frankel, he will evaluate your age spots and if he decides that a topical product is best for you, he will explain how it works.

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CO2 Laser

Our carbon dioxide (CO2) laser works by removing layers of skin with an intense beam of laser light, causing the wound to resurface with new tissue, and stimulating cell turnover in the deeper layers of the skin. This process removes the pigmented area and restructures collagen to both improve age spots. The CO2 laser allows Dr. Frankel to work with incredible precision and decide exactly how much energy is used during treatment.

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Aesthetician Peel

An Aesthetician Peel is a customized peel designed especially for you. One of our highly trained aestheticians will perform a skin assessment and analysis to determine the ideal peel for your age spots. Not every peel is right for everyone, and tailoring just the right peel may be the key to getting rid of your age spots and revitalizing your skin. 

Phenol Peel

One of the best treatments for age spots is a chemical peel. A phenol peel is a topical treatment, but it goes very deep into the skin and requires considerable downtime (1-2 weeks). There are also side effects to consider, such as severe swelling and redness. The topical solution will be applied to the skin to remove the damaged layers of skin, which very effectively reduces age spots and brightens the skin.

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Why Choose Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery?

At Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery, we provide exceptional care in a warm and personable environment. Designed for patient comfort and privacy, our boutique-like practice is patient-centered, with concierge-type service that makes patients feel heard and understood. Our founder, Dr. Jonathan Frankel, is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who delivers consistent and exceptional results at a good value. We always strive to exceed our patients’ expectations, treating them with the utmost respect and valuing the trust they place in us.

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