Lip Procedures of All Kinds

At Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer procedures for both lip augmentation and a lip lift. These are very different procedures, and even within lip augmentation, there are different options. Take a look below to discover what we have to offer — we have something for everyone.

Lip Enhancement and Lip Augmentation

The terms “lip lift” and “lip augmentation” frequently get used interchangeably, but this is incorrect. They are actually very different, but both are very popular and effective.

Lip Lift

A lip lift is a surgical procedure with permanent results where the top lip is pulled slightly upwards. This makes it appear slightly larger and provides a more attractive contour, but nothing is injected or implanted. 

Lip Augmentation

A lip augmentation refers to any procedure where the lips are made fuller. This can be a non-invasive treatment (i.e., fat transfer or lip fillers in Cleveland) which achieves effective but temporary results, or it may refer to a permanent surgical procedure where lip implants are used to enhance the lips. 

All About

the Lip Lift

A lip lift is an excellent option for patients who want their lips to look better — but not necessarily larger. It’s also a good choice for anyone who prefers not to have foreign substances (i.e., dermal fillers or implants) inside their body. Patients who have found that their upper lip has become longer over the years with less show of the “red lip” will like the youthful results from a lip lift.

Our lip lift in Cleveland works by raising the skin between the nose and the upper lip to deliver a soft, full, natural-looking look — the sensuous “pout” that is one of the classic hallmarks of beauty. 

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Results speak for themselves.


More About Your Lip Lift Procedure

A lip lift is done under local anesthesia and takes approximately one hour. Dr. Frankel will create an incision just under the nose to remove a small portion of skin. This results in the top lip being “pulled up” slightly — creating a fuller, more youthful “pout” to both the resting lips and smile. The sutures will then be positioned along the incision line, making any scars well-hidden once healed. For most patients, the recovery period for a lip lift is one week. Patients may notice subtle changes in the movement of their lips for up to six weeks. 

How is Lip Enhancement Done?

Lip Fillers: Lip fillers are dermal fillers for the lips, meaning they are injectables that plump up and shape the lips. Although lip fillers are a big hit with women in their 20s, this treatment is also a great option for patients in their 30s-60s. Our Lip fillers in Cleveland involve the injections being administered with a small needle, and downtime includes keeping pressure off of the lips and avoiding exercise (or anything that causes blood flow to the face) for a full day following injections.

Fat Transfer: Another type of lip filler is your own fat, which can be taken from the abdomen or flanks. This allows for long-lasting augmentation, but the results may be less predictable from the significant amount of movement of the lips throughout the day.

Lip Implants: When it comes to lip augmentation, only one procedure is permanent: lip implants. These implants will be placed via small incisions made within the corners of the mouth. Lip implants are typically made of soft silicone and can be customized to match your personal aesthetic goals. To undergo this procedure, candidates should have symmetrical lips and adequate lip tissue. Swelling begins to improve after 3-4 days, and the majority of swelling resolves within about two weeks.

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Lip Augmentation at Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery

If you’re in the Cleveland and Mayfield Heights area and you’re interested in lip fillers or lip augmentation of any kind, we welcome you to reach out to us to set up a consultation. Jonathan Frankel, MD is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with expertise and specialization in procedures of the face and neck. He does all injections himself, and his education and extensive training specifically in facial plastic surgery allows him to deliver consistent and exceptional results. Dr. Frankel’s goal is never to make patients look like someone else — only a better version of themselves. 

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