Why Choose a Rhinoplasty in Cleveland?

When you undergo a nose job in Cleveland, you’re having a surgical procedure to change the shape and size of your nose to achieve your desired aesthetic. In most cases, patients request this surgery to correct an irregularity such as asymmetry, nasal bridge hump, or a nose that they consider to be too large for their facial proportions. Besides attracting unwanted attention, these abnormalities can detract from the beauty of your face, as well as cause lowered self-esteem.

Whatever the reason for your nose surgery, we will take time to explain what you can expect before, during, and after your surgery. Using the most advanced techniques, Dr. Frankel will customize your rhinoplasty procedure based upon your unique anatomical features, facial structure, and goals to create a natural-appearing nose that promotes facial harmony.

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What Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Can Do For You

  • Straighten a crooked nose
  • Reduce the size of an overly large nose
  • Correct a nasal hump 
  • Provide more projection
  • Reduce the size of large nostrils 
  • Refine the nasal tip
  • Provide an overall more balanced face
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“I believe that a good-looking nose is a natural looking nose. I expect my patients to be told they have a great nose — not that they’ve had a great rhinoplasty.” 

Dr. Jonathan Frankel

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Results speak for themselves.


Nose Job in Cleveland - Surgery Details

Dr. Frankel performs Rhinoplasty in Cleveland using structural rhinoplasty techniques. This not only creates a beautiful nose that will look great for years and years, but it also maintains or improves the nasal airway.

He also uses a meticulous suturing technique so that the incisions are typically not visible to others after two weeks from surgery. Dr. Frankel uses techniques that result in a very natural-looking nose and avoids traditional techniques that can lead to unwanted signs of having had a nose job (such as a pinched nasal tip).

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Dr. Frankel’s Approach to the Best Rhinoplasty in Cleveland, OH

No two noses are the same, and so the approach to rhinoplasty should never be the same. Dr. Frankel loves using his training and expertise to personalize the surgery for the specific individual’s nose. He is meticulous and never rushes through a rhinoplasty. He performs every nose job surgery with the full intention that it will be the only rhinoplasty the patient ever has, and that the results will last a lifetime.


After your nose surgery, you will find that the first 2-3 days are the most difficult. You’ll experience discomfort, swelling, bruising over the course of these first few days. Patients generally begin feeling better around day four, and then have more relief once the cast and splints (if placed) are removed about one week after surgery. 

After one week, you can begin walking around your neighborhood for exercise, and after week two, you may increase activity gradually. Strenuous activity should be avoided for four weeks following surgery. 

After the first week, you may have a small amount of residual bruising under your eyes and swelling of your nose. For most patients, 50% of swelling is resolved at two weeks, 70% at six weeks, and the last 30% gradually improves over the course of a full year. Those changes are slight and gradual, typically revealing the more subtle refinements from surgery.

Patients are seen at the one-week mark, then 3-4 weeks after that, then 3-4 months after that, and then at the one-year mark. Of course, additional appointments will be made if necessary. 

Although patients typically report that the first few days of recovery were rough, they also consistently say that they soon forget about the recovery period and shift their focus to loving their results.

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What to Expect During Your Consultation

Your initial meeting with Dr. Frankel is very important because this is where he will listen to what you dislike about the appearance of your nose and what you would like to achieve with rhinoplasty. He will take your full medical history to assure your safety, determine the best surgical approach, and will also take photos, which he will study before the procedure.

Dr. Frankel will also perform a thorough nasal airway exam to identify any functional or structural issues that may need to be addressed during surgery. He will show you morphed imaging to ensure that your expectations align with his surgical goals.

Morphed imaging will give you an idea of what you will look like after rhinoplasty. Dr. Frankel and his staff will take the time to educate you on the procedure and recovery so you have clear expectations and a solid understanding of everything involved.

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Dr. Frankel: Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Dr. Frankel loves the boosted confidence that patients have following their rhinoplasty procedure. As a double board-certified surgeon in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive surgery as well as Head & Neck Surgery, he comes from a background where he has been trained to always respect the function and structure of the nose, and he believes that aesthetics and function go hand-in-hand. Rhinoplasty is a technically challenging surgery, but Dr. Frankel performs several of them a week — with consistently happy patients and great results. He combines his extensive training, ongoing pursuit of continuing education, and attention to detail to achieve excellent rhinoplasty results. If you’re looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in the Cleveland and Mayfield Heights area, we welcome you to contact us to set up your consultation. 

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How much does rhinoplasty cost at Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery?

What risks are involved with cosmetic nose surgery?

Will my nose look unnatural after surgery?

What other procedures go well with rhinoplasty?

How much does rhinoplasty cost at Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery?

The surgical fees typically range $6,500-$8,500 depending on complexity and whether it is a primary or revision surgery. There are additional fees for anesthesia and facilities.

What risks are involved with cosmetic nose surgery?

Patients are often concerned about the risks of anesthesia during surgery. Dr. Frankel works with an excellent group of anesthesiologists and anesthetists who take incredible care of patients. There is of course risk with anesthesia, but it is oftentimes safer than even riding in a car.

Will my nose look unnatural after surgery?

Dr. Frankel’s personal preference is for a nose to look improved, but as natural as possible. His goal is to create overall harmony with your other facial features to enhance your appearance in a balanced manner. He will focus on the personal aesthetic goals that you discuss during your consultation, and will also review morphed imaging with you.

What other procedures go well with rhinoplasty?

If you have a smaller or weaker chin, you may benefit from a chin augmentation to help balance your profile and complement your nose job results. (When Dr. Frankel evaluates a patient’s profile, he always looks at chin projection.) Some patients may elect to have an upper lip lift at the same time as a rhinoplasty.

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