Why Have Forehead Shortening Done?

Those who are bothered by their prominent forehead frequently attempt to hide it with hairstyles or hats. Perhaps they were teased when they were younger about this feature, or maybe they’ve just personally never liked it.

For men, a large forehead can take on the appearance of a receding hairline, making them look older than they actually are. The same problem can happen to women, and a large female forehead can also create an unwanted masculine appearance.

How Does Forehead Shortening Work?

Forehead shortening works very much how it sounds. The forehead is literally made shorter by advancing the hairline up to about two and a half centimeters lower. Dr. Frankel can decrease the size of the forehead by ¾ of an inch or more.

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What Happens During Surgery?

Dr. Frankel performs forehead shortening with the patient under local or deep twilight anesthesia. Before the procedure, your skin will be marked to help guide your hairline to its new position. Dr. Frankel will create an incision at the very front of the hairline, and will then remove the skin between your natural hairline and the desired hairline. Once this has been done, the hairline will be carefully brought forward to its new placement and secured. Dr. Frankel will close the incisions meticulously. The incisions will be as concealed within the hair as much as possible, with hairs that will begin growing through the incision, hiding it further. The forehead shortening procedure typically takes about two hours.


  • Recovery period is about two weeks
  • Side effects include numbness in the treatment area, bruising at the eyes, and/or swelling
  • Numbness at the hairline may last 1-2 months 
  • Most of the swelling will subside within two weeks
  • Avoid washing hair for 48 hours after the procedure 
  • Avoid exercise and strenuous activities for two weeks 


Results from your forehead shortening procedure will be final at 3-6 months, and any scarring will fade more and more with time.

In some cases, shock alopecia may temporarily develop. This is a condition that causes the scalp to become thin and may last for 1-4 months, but it typically resolves. 

Ideal Candidates for Forehead Shortening

  • Dislike their large forehead
  • Have naturally thick hair
  • Have scalp that’s loose enough for the surgery 
  • Do not have a history of hair loss
  • Are in general good health
  • Understand how the surgery works and what it can do
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Why Choose Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery?

Designed for patient comfort and privacy, Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery is a patient-centered cosmetic practice where we strive to exceed our patients’ expectations. We offer concierge-type service that makes patients feel heard and understood, and we do our best to make patients feel as comfortable as possible during every point of the process. Founded by double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Frankel, we provide excellent results at a good value and treat our patients with the utmost respect.  

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