Jonathan Frankel, MD, physician and owner of Frankel Facial Plastic Surgery, is double board-certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.

 Because of the amount of dedication involved in earning these certifications, there is no doubt about Dr. Frankel’s passion for and commitment to his work. 

What Does Being Board Certified Mean?

Being board-certified shows that a doctor has the level of understanding of medicine required to meet the standards that the particular board has set in that specific field. It means that the doctor must commit years of their life to studying and progressing in their chosen area and take many rigorous exams. They must complete training at a university (which takes years), and then they must earn their degree from a medical school. After this, they must participate in a residency program, and then they can begin the process of becoming board-certified. Even then, they can only earn their board certification in the area in which they received their residency specialty. 

Dr. Frankel proceeded to further his specialization with an AAFPRS-accredited fellowship dedicated to facial plastic surgery. After passing the oral and written board exams and performing hundreds of facial plastic surgery procedures, he earned ABFPRS board certification. “Double board-certified” means that a doctor has completed not just one, but two specialized training programs and comprehensive tests. In regards to Dr. Frankel, it means that he specializes in the face and neck area, understanding it so well that he notices even the smallest of changes. All in all, Dr. Frankel’s double board certification reflects a strong commitment to his work. 

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