What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is performed to reshape the ears so that they lie closer to the scalp. For younger children experiencing teasing or taunting due to oversized ears, otoplasty can be life-changing. Ear surgery in Cleveland can be performed on children as young as 5 years of age, as long as their ears have finished growing.

For adults, otoplasty can help reframe the face, allowing the gaze to focus more on the eyes and the smile. During surgery, Dr. Frankel will remove excess ear cartilage and tissue according to the patient’s individual treatment plan, carefully hiding the incisions so that scarring is hidden from view.

What Ear Surgery Can Achieve:

  • Ears are pinned closer to the scalp
  • Symmetry and balance are improved
  • Ear contours are reshaped to complement the other features
  • Congenital defects can be repaired
  • Injuries and ear trauma can be corrected
  • Redundant skin in the earlobes can be trimmed

Ear Surgery Details

Most adults will undergo otoplasty in Cleveland under local anesthesia with sedation but children can be given general anesthesia to ensure they are asleep throughout the surgery. Dr. Frankel will make an incision behind the ear in the natural crease where scarring will later be imperceptible. The ear cartilage can then be reshaped or softened to achieve the client’s unique contouring goals. The skin will be redraped and trimmed as needed. The ears are secured closer to the scalp using specialized sutures to ensure long-lasting changes. After otoplasty, patients enjoy ears that are more proportionate to their other features and that are pinned closer to the scalp. 

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Results speak for themselves.



Otoplasty is generally an outpatient procedure, and the patient can go home afterward. Return to a normal routine usually takes about one week; however, children may not play any type of sports or do any gym activity for two weeks.

Some patients will need bandages or an ear bolster for help with swelling and protection of the area. You (or your child) may have discomfort, numbness, and/or itching around the ears, but these should subside quickly. 

During recovery, it’s important to keep pressure off of the ears, even during sleep. If the otoplasty patient is a child, it’s important to monitor them to ensure they’re not scratching or touching their ears as they heal. 

We will go over specific aftercare instructions for the specific type of otoplasty you or your child has to have a smooth recovery and get the best outcome possible. It takes about three weeks for final results, although there may be some minor residual swelling. 

Candidates for Ear Surgery

If you’re considering ear surgery in Cleveland, MayField Heights, and Beachwood for yourself or your child, here is what makes the best otoplasty patient:

  • Over the age of five
  • Have ears that are overly large
  • Have ears that stick out
  • Have ears that are misshapen
  • Is in overall good health 
  • Does not smoke 
  • Understands the procedure and recovery process
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Earlobe Repair

A common ear procedure performed by Dr. Frankel is earlobe repair in Cleveland. This procedure restores the appearance of earlobes that have been stretched out or even torn. 

Long or heavy earrings can take a toll on the earlobes, creating micro-tears that eventually elongate the lobes. Sometimes children or pets tear the earrings out, causing a rip in the earlobe. Sometimes trends are the culprit, as we often see in ear gauges. Whatever your cause of needing earlobe repair, Dr. Frankel can help. 

Why Choose Ear Surgery?

Protruding ears or abnormally shaped ears can be a tremendous source of embarrassment for many people. Kids, especially, can be cruel in their teasing of other kids whose ears may stick out.

Sadly, the outcome of this can be a poor self-image and lack of self-confidence for those who have protruding ears. Dr. Frankel offers an ear surgery in Cleveland that can correct abnormally shaped ears, called otoplasty (ear pinning).  

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What is the best age to have otoplasty done?

What is the recovery time for ear surgery?

How do you sleep after an otoplasty?

When can I wash my hair after ear surgery?

What is the best age to have otoplasty done?

Otoplasty can be performed on anyone whose ears have reached their full size, which usually takes place around age 5 to 6.

What is the recovery time for ear surgery?

Most patients can expect to fully recover from otoplasty within around 6 weeks after all swelling has dissipated. However, noticeable improvements can be seen as early as 2-3 weeks post-op.

How do you sleep after an otoplasty?

Patients should make sure the head is elevated with several pillows for the first week of recovery. They should avoid sleeping on their sides, instead choosing to sleep on their backs for the first few weeks.

When can I wash my hair after ear surgery?

Once the dressings have been removed, which typically occurs within a few days after surgery, patients will be able to shampoo the hair. It is suggested to use baby shampoo at first and to avoid blow drying the hair or using styling products in order to protect the ears from heat and irritation.

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Dr. Frankel: Otoplasty Surgeon 

If you’re in the Cleveland and Mayfield Heights area and you’re interested in learning more about otoplasty or earlobe repair, we welcome you to reach out to us to schedule a consultation with double board-certified surgeon Dr. Jonathan Frankel. His practice is the premier center for facial plastic surgery in Cleveland, and he specializes in procedures of the face and neck. Dr. Frankel provides excellent results at a good value. Our practice is patient-centered, and we want the best results for each and every one of them. We strive to exceed our patients’ expectations and provide exceptional care in a warm and personable environment. 

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